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Choosing the Right Type of Magic Show for Your Next Event

We have all participated in boring events that turned out to be a waste of time. This is a huge challenge that most event organizers or hosts face as they must ensure none of their visitors suffer the same fate. Giving them an extraordinary experience they will recall is difficult, but it is not impossible. An extraordinary magic show in Toronto is a good idea to achieve that. When a magician performs for everyone, he creates an enchanting show that brings everyone together. And since magic is adaptable, you can hire a magician for even a small-scale show without any equipment or a stage to perform. From that point on, your event will be worth remembering. Your guests will send you messages to express their gratitude for the wonderful event. It is basic to understand that entertainers have different specialties and styles. Finding the best magicians for your event type will require huge research if you don’t have any idea about the factors you truly need to consider. Remember the following things when deciding the type of magic show for your event.

Types of Magic Shows for Every Event

  • Close-up Magic

Close-up magic, also regarded as walk-through magic, is performed very close to small gatherings or a group of people. Before performing close-up magic in front of the audience, the magician addresses each individual by name and engages in a one-on-one conversation with them. This sort of close and intriguing magic prompts significant communication between the crowd and the performer. It’s a great and nice way to relax and have people talk to each other, making the event more important and captivating. In addition, natural close-up magic is an extremely adaptable form of a magic show and can be carried out anywhere, including a restaurant or party room.

  • Group Magic

Group magic is often called stage magic which is to be seen by a whole crowd at once. This sort of magic happens on the grand stage, and the magician performs certain stunts and illusions for a grand crowd. Group magic is ideal for larger gatherings due to its ability to amaze a large number of people. The reaction of the audience toward the illusion makes it bigger than what it is anticipated. Because they can be tailored to fit the theme or purpose of your event, group magic shows are a great way to promote a product or brand.

Choosing the Type of Magic Show for Your Event

1. Decide Whether You Want a Professional or an Amateur Magician

It is a logical question to decide whether you want a professional or an amateur magician for your magic shows. The only thing that connects the expert and an amateur magician is their affordability. It’s always a good idea for expert magicians to charge more due to their expertise. Consequently, how can you strike a balance between affordability and professionalism? A professional magician is someone who takes magic as a career rather than a part-time hobby. Since magic requires a lot of skills and practice to be executed perfectly, professionals put a lot of time into getting experts. In contrast, people who only take magic as a hobby don’t focus on becoming experts. They only prefer performing tricks which are easy and adaptable to small groups. Hence, if you are planning a bigger event, your obvious choice should be a reputed magician with expertise. But if you are planning a small event like a kid’s birthday party, you can hire an amateur magician who can perform certain tricks to amuse your audience.

2. Know What Your Audience wants

While choosing a magician, you should consider the type of event you are planning. However, apart from that, you should also know the kind of entertainment your audience will prefer. Knowing that some entertainers are good at more than one thing is very important. If you need a magician to perform at your wedding, you should search for one who has past involvement with the field. Consider choosing someone with experience for your event. 

3. Determine the Size of Your Audience

The size of your audience will influence the type of magic you prefer. Due to the adaptable concept of magic, you can see close-up, stage, custom shows, or a combination of all three at different event points. If your event is smaller, you may need a close-up performance to get the group to work together and have a private connection with the magician. Additionally, ensure the performer has experience working with various media equipment and lighting. Since grand stage magic requires media and lighting to be a success, this will be a turning point for your event.

4. Figure Out the Kind of Outcome You Want

For the greatest impact from start to finish, experts suggest mixing different forms of magic. Close-up magic is a fast method for attracting everybody and getting them involved in your event. Since the crowd will be directly involved, its impact will be huge. However, if you want to create an even bigger impact, a stage magic show will be advantageous due to its theater experience. However, including close-up magic before the event can help keep your attendees interested and engaged before the mega performance. This can be especially helpful when there’s a delay between the start of the main event and the pre-event gathering. There won’t be any awkward waiting while the magic takes over because there will be a sense of excitement and anticipation for what is to come.
Because they bring excitement and entertain guests of all ages, magicians make excellent additions to any event. Whether it’s a corporate occasion, a wedding, or a mystery party, magic shows in Toronto can lift the atmosphere and make your event memorable. However, selecting a show that meets your event’s requirements is essential because not all magic shows are designed equally. With the guide above, you can easily book the perfect magic show according to the size and type of audience you are having.

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