Creating Eye-Catching Book Covers to Boost Sales 

The market is flooded with book writers and books of various genres. So, if as an author you get an opportunity to present your book or to publish it then it must portray a professional edge in its cover design. 

Creating a book cover can become a difficult task in the competitive publishing industry. We will go through how a book cover attracts audiences and what it takes to make an attractive one. 

The book covers play a decisive role for the buyers. They are not just to look all pretty. A lot more goes into making it attractive. They help the author to communicate through it and reflect the story. 

The cover can capture a concept or a theme in its design to leave a lasting impression. This way it will stand out among other books and have its distinct style.

How To Begin Designing A Book Cover

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Examine the covers of books in the same genre or related titles that appeal to your target market for ideas. Make a note of any font, color schemes, or illustrations that fit your book’s topic and tone.

Once you have a design, collect input from reliable sources or future customers. Create the most captivating book cover possible by navigating and refining the design in response to their comments.

Various Styles Of Book Covers 

There are many various book cover design techniques and visual appeal, each of which is appropriate for a certain genre, readership, and aesthetic preferences. Here are a few common book cover designs:

  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Minimalist
  • Conceptual 
  • Art and design

 Why Do We Need Well-Designed Covers

Potential readers get convinced by the work of art. They easily get convinced that a book is worth buying if its cover is attractive. 

When a product gets placed well-designed you do not need to work on its other physical aspects. It provides great consumer satisfaction which further leads to more revenue and creates a profit. 

A successful book cover increases visibility, conveys a sense of quality, and facilitates a purchase.  There are a lot of elements that an author needs to consider to get their book designed. 

From launching designs on platforms to getting them created by freelancers it must match audiences’ attention and leave a lasting impact. 

You can attract book readers by implementing the following ways

·         Consideration About Author

Without a doubt, an author is a well-known literary name among readers and other authors.  So, by mentioning the author’s reference on a cover it raises the quality standards much higher than average. 

·         Know Your Market

You should know where the book will be sold. It makes a huge difference in the design of print and ebooks. If your focus is on the digital market then you must choose to keep a small thumbnail. If your market revolves around print media then design it with a reduced size to make it easier to carry.  

·         Make The Title Stand Out 

Your book’s title must be visible to potential buyers. If the title stands out it will give the readers a hint about the overall book content. 

·         Typography

Pick fonts and typography that go well with the genre and idea of your book. Choose appropriate fonts for the title, subtitle (if necessary), author name, and other information. Try different font types, sizes, and placements to come up with a composition that looks good.

·         Keep The Genre In Mind

Book readers opt for books that reflect their genre!

The design of your book cover speaks about its genre. Each genre has its history which attracts people.  As an author, you must include all the main symbolic elements that will talk to readers about the book. 

Suppose it is a romantic book then its cover must be fancy-looking or fantasy styled to mainly attract female readers. 

·         Choose The Colors Carefully

Fonts, colors, and images are important elements of any graphic design. Ensure to select colors that bring the most emotions to the audience since it is a way to convey the idea of your story. 

·         Refine The Minor Elements 

Make any necessary changes to the colors, contrast, and other visual components of your design. Pay close attention to the little things, such as the cover’s alignment, space, and uniformity.

·         Use A Central Image 

Discover a creative way to design your book covers. A central image fascinates people in the story. They get attracted to it because it seems striking and it resonates with the story.

·         A Clear And Unique Design Works Best

Keep it simple and minimalist. That’s what everyone wants nowadays. If you want to make it stand out by adding too many mages and various fonts then it would end up as a crowded design.

 So, get more sales and let the customers go crazy with the materialistic cover with a simple design. 

·         Packaging 

This reflects the buying decision of readers. Packaging is responsible for attracting customers. It is a sales tool so, if you want to stand out then you need more than a great story. 


Whether authors have their main focus on the digital print of the book or its back cover it creates the first impression on its potential readers. It is surely one of the important factors that impact the marketing of a book. If you do not design it well you might lose sales. 

Successful designs use various techniques to catch the reader’s eye. All it takes to stand out among the competitors is a great layout, contrast, and an attractive back cover. 

To make a book cover design ensure that it is simple but unique in its ways.

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