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Awakening to Mind and Body Wellness by Dr Jay Feldman

A lot of people make extreme efforts to attain an ideal body that is healthy and youthful. Some are motivated by a desire to make lots of money and sacrifice relationships or the things that are important to them on the way.

Money, and other items can help us, obviously, but the ultimate path to happiness and body wellness is closer than we think — right within our minds.
Dr Jay Feldman is a pioneer in wellness and health promotion in the United States of America. He has dedicated his career to supporting the public health efforts of individuals, organizations, and communities in the United States. He is a leader in health promotion, wellness, public health, and health education.

Easy ways to promote body wellness;

Many people, who are not at home, spend their time at their desks, trying to accomplish their goals and make their dreams a reality.

The pace of life has become so hectic that people need to realize what they’re missing regarding their health and well-being.

It is why it’s imperative to take care of the health and well-being of employees. According to Dr Jay Feldman, people are so busy that they sometimes don’t think about their health problems.

It does not alter the fact that health matters most. There are various methods of work-related health, and wellness can be assured. Here are a few of them.

Fitness Activities

It is a direct impact on the overall health and well-being of people. Spending more than 45 hours per week at an office desk and not moving will require a lot of physical exercises to avoid the pain that comes with it and prevent weight increase.

Companies can guarantee fitness through classes or gyms on-site for their employees. Choose the kind of exercise that you enjoy the most.

Social Activities

The smile of a child can heal a thousand cuts! Laughter is a healing agent for every part of your body and mind that are affected in many ways.

Along with staying active, lots of smiles and laughter through social events can improve your health and well-being.
Dr Jay Feldman says the more you engage in that, you enjoy and love, and the more happiness hormones release in your body. It will free you from the shackles of your daily obligations and give you time for happiness with yourself.

Mental Health Activities

A prominent and highly talked about the subject recently has been mental health. Particularly since the pandemic struck worldwide, everybody was forced to stay at home for school, work, and much more. Many began suffering from mental health problems of varying severity.
Some people didn’t care, while most did nothing about the issue. As the work offices are slowly opening, this will demand much more effort to ensure the mental health of every single worker working from the offices.
Employers can ensure employees are involved in various activities such as yoga, mindfulness, and more to calm the mind. It can help them reduce stress and to be free of the mental burden they are carrying. By taking each breath in the air, they will be exhaling the tension, anxiety, worry, and other things that affect their mental well-being.

Team Building Activities

Every person working in the workplace is part of a certain kind of team. As a part of the team helps to establish an organic bond among the team members to boost the team’s spirit. It is among the essential aspects of the team’s well-being.
Let’s address this vital necessity by creating an ideal work health and well-being program that covers every aspect.
Health breaks are designed to motivate employees to take a moment for themselves and to do something beneficial for their physical and mental health by implementing our wellness and health programs.

We make people realize that investing in health and well-being at work will benefit their employees and create numerous company changes.


The health of your mind and body is vital to living an organized and balanced life. While a healthy routine that includes a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and enough rest will keep your body fit and your mind in top shape.

Special attention should be paid to the health of your mind and body to ensure that everything is on the right track.
According to Dr Jay Feldman, Being conscious of your feelings, thoughts, and behavior is the best way to maintain your mental health in check.

It awareness can assist you in coping with daily issues that could be the cause of causing depression, stress, and anxiety.

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