Automotive HMI Market to Witness Strong Growth Due to Increasing Demand for Connected Cars

Future Market research insights:

During the projection period of 2022 to 2030, the automotive Human-Machine Interface (HMI) market is anticipated to increase by USD 10,710 million at an 8.80% rate. Man-machine interface (MMI), computer-human interface, and human-computer interaction are further terms for HMI.

The market for connected automobiles is expanding, automotive manufacturers are putting more emphasis on technological advancement, and sales of both passenger and commercial vehicles are rising. These reasons are driving the growth of the automotive Human-Machine Interface (HMI) industry. HMI in automobiles will become more in demand as linked cars become more popular. An independent gadget that can interact and communicate with other devices is the linked automobile. The usage of HMI in automobiles will enable easy communication between the car and its occupants.

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Through a conventional or multimodal HMI, the user may access numerous vehicle controls. The development of a technology that will lead to a larger market share is being pursued by the automakers. The widespread use of autonomous vehicles, better safety features, gesture and speech recognition for enhanced HMI, and integration of smartphones with HMI are the major developments in the automotive Human-Machine Interface (HMI) industry. Future market expansion will be a result of the trend toward automotive Human-Machine Interface (HMI). Additionally, there will be a greater need for HMI in cars due to rising passenger and commercial vehicle sales in emerging markets.

Regional evaluation:

The market is divided into four categories based on geography: North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Rest of the World. The greatest market share is anticipated to belong to the Asia Pacific region because of the rising demand for HMI in luxury automobiles. Due to the reduced costs involved, nations like China and Japan are developing as manufacturing centres for the automotive industry in the Asia Pacific region. Additionally, more people will buy cars as a result of greater disposable money. As a result, there will be an increase in demand for HMI in automobiles.

Due to the rising sales of the luxury automobile class, North America is anticipated to be the second-largest market. The market will expand as a consequence of the rising demand for premium vehicles and the growing installation of HMI in automobiles. The United States is predicted to control the market in North America in the future.

Market Segmentation:

Market segments for automotive Human-Machine Interface (HMI) exist according to product, technology, access method, and vehicle type. The market is divided into voice control, central displays, instrument clusters, head-up displays (HUD), and others based on the kind of product. Because HUD is employed in luxury and mid-sized automobiles, the HUD category is anticipated to dominate the market over the projection period. The segment has been primarily driven by the rising emphasis on minimising driver distraction. The market is divided into visual, audio, and other technology segments. Alos, the market is divided into standard HMI and multimodal HMI according to the kind of access.

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Due to OEMs’ replacement of their outdated control systems with cutting-edge HMI, the multimodal category is anticipated to dominate the market over the forecast period. The increased demand from the premium segment is mostly to blame for the multimodal system trend. The market is divided into passenger cars and commercial vehicles based on the kind of vehicle. Due to a growth in passenger vehicle sales in emerging economies, the passenger car category is anticipated to dominate the market in the future.

Key Players:

The United Kingdom’s Delphi Automotive PLC, Switzerland’s Luxoft Holding Inc., the United States’ Visteon Corporation, and the United Kingdom’s Voicebox Technologies are the four companies (U.S.)

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