Thinking About A Motorcycle Tour? Here Are The Things You Must Carry!

For most bikers, a good motorcycle ride brings the kind of joy very few other things can. They love the freedom, the speed, the air and the feel. And a motorcycle tour can become one of the most treasured memories of any motorcycle enthusiast. However, when you embark on a tour on your bike, there are some things that you cannot miss. We discuss the same in this blog.

Things You Need To Carry On A Motorcycle Tour

Every biker should carry a few things on a motorcycle tour to make their journey safe, comfortable and memorable.

Riding Gear

When it comes to your riding gear, a few basic things become necessary, such as the following:

Helmet: A helmet is not only a safety gear but also a legal requirement for every motorcyclist on the road. Therefore, make sure you carry one. A full-face helmet gives you complete safety but can become warm under hot conditions, while open-face helmets can provide ample ventilation but lack total protection. Therefore, you can opt for flip-front helmets that offer the best of both kinds.

Clothing: Consider buying insulated, warm and waterproof clothing for cold trips and mesh clothing with good ventilation for hot conditions. Make sure they fulfil all your biking needs. Do not forget base layers with moisture-wicking properties.

Footwear: Carry other footwear if you want to, but most bikers prefer full-length boots to trainers, sneakers, etc., Ensure your footwear has adequate safety specs such as waterproof and non-slip soles.


Motorcycle panniers provide a lot of space and comfort while on road trips. Whether you go for soft or hard ones is entirely your choice but make sure your luggage is safe with secure locks. Additionally, you can also add a top box or a tank bag for more room. A backpack is another essential on every bike tour in which you can also carry the compulsory tool kit.

Camping Necessities

Bike tours mean you spend the night under new skies. Therefore, you need to carry specific camping stuff such as tents. Ensure the tent you choose is lightweight, waterproof and big enough for you to live in but small enough to fit on your bike. A sleeping bag should meet the exact requirements. Food becomes another camping necessity. Carry ready-to-eat snacks, a mini portable stove or a collapsible kettle. A camping tool kit can always come in handy during setting up your tent or preparing a small meal for yourself.

Technology And Navigation Tools

If you are a photography enthusiast, carry a camera kit. If not, smartphones today take good pictures even in bad light conditions. Carry a tech bag wherein you can store your tech essentials such as USB cables, spare batteries, strip sockets, plug adaptors, etc. Most bikers also carry their medical information and emergency contacts in their inner pockets. A GPS tracker comes in great use when opting for the less travelled paths. You can also download a few biking apps on your phones that can assist you in times of need.

Personal Care

Under personal care, you need to carry everything absolutely necessary. Spare clothing such as T-shirts, pants, shorts, lightweight footwear, underwear, socks, etc. Washing needs such as soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, suncream, lip balm, sanitiser, etc., are a must. First aid needs such as prescription medication, sterile gauze, tape, antacids, aspirin, antibiotics, electrolyte powders, bandaids, tweezers, etc., can come in useful anytime.


Suppose you are planning on an international bike tour. In that case, you must carry various necessary paperwork and documents such as a passport, bike insurance, health insurance, credit cards, emergency currency (and USD is handy), passport-size photographs, itinerary, vaccination certificates, etc. Make sure you make copies of all the essential documents as well. If you ride luxury bikes such as BMW motorcycles it is always better to carry bike documents as well.


Every motorcycle tour depends on the route, trials, and destination you choose. Whether you have a regular bike as your companion or a BMW touring bike, the equipment mentioned above helps make your ride smooth and comfortable.

Furthermore, when planning a motorcycle tour, you can opt for BMW bikes. The standard BMW motorcycle prices range from Rs 3 lakhs and exceed Rs 40 lakhs as per the model. Therefore, choose the bike as per your budget and make sure you pack accordingly.

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