Ti Sapphire

Ti: Sapphire

Ti: Sapphire is one of the most superb tunable laser crystals The outcome tunable laser crystal is created by mixing trivalent titanium ions into the matrix crystal. The crystal has a large absorption band (400 ~ 600nm), a broad emission band (650 ~ 1200nm), as well as a large exhaust sample (3×10-19cm2), with a fluorescence […]


Crystal growth method

Usually talking, synthetic crystal growth methods consist of solution growth, melt growth, gas phase growth, as well as solid phase growth. Solution growth. The standard concept of service growth is to keep the raw product (solute) supersaturated by liquifying it into the solvent in a suitable method, After that procedures (such as evaporation and cooling) […]


What is a laser

1. What is a laser 1.1 Principle of laser oscillation After atoms (particles) soak up energy from the outdoors, they transform from a low energy degree (ground state) to a high power level. This state is called a fired-up state. This excited state is an unstable state as well as will quickly revert to a […]


Magneto-optical crystals for isolators

Magneto-optical crystals are crystalline products with magneto-optical effects. Magneto-optical crystals can be divided into three classifications: ferromagnetic magneto-optical crystals, paramagnetic magneto-optical crystals, and diamagnetic magneto-optical crystals. They are widely used in optical interaction, computer system storage, microwave tools, and other fields due to their big Faraday impact, low wavelength absorption coefficient, high permeability, and high […]