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OgyMogy makes Android Spying Easy: Stopping Kids From Crazy Online Engagement During Holidays

Can you believe it’s already December, folks? How much the year was hard or long, it is always normal to feel astonished when December comes. Again, it’s the time of the year when you make new plans, dispose of old ones, and try to plan and organize your life with more passion and energy. Well, that’s the custom, so even if you are not following it, that’s alright. December is again the time when there are holidays and a little break from work and hectic life is welcomed by almost everyone. But one thing is that vacation means more free time, and these days, the only way to pass free time is to use it on screen. Whether you are an adult or a kid, this is one of the common ways to spend time. For adults, this may seem under control, but you don’t know what the kids are up to and how much time they are actually spending on the screen. To keep things straight and make sure they don’t get involved in any crazy activities online during the holidays, you can get a parental control app. OgyMogy app makes Android spying easy as it offers a lot of features that keep the parents on alert. So, if you are a little worried about kids’ online activities, here is how you can stop the crazy online engagement right away.

Keeping Eyes on Web History

Kids these days get wild on the internet. This may be because they know they can hide behind the screen, and no one will know when they will clear the search bar history. With so much free time, these online activities can increase. With the OgyMogy app, you can not only know about the search bar history but can even recover the deleted one as well. The app saves every record on the web portal for the parents to access remotely.

Block the Crazy Stuff:

All types of websites are scams or triggering in many ways. With the OgyMogy app, parents can simply block all such stuff with a few clicks. The Web filtering feature makes it easy for parents to block any website they want. So, if your kids are getting hooked to any online game or website, which in the long run is not good for them, then you can simply get rid of the site right away.

Keep An Eye On Contacts:

The app offers remote access to the phone book for the kids. You can know about the contacts in detail with the call log feature. This feature is also applied to online messenger contacts as well. So, know if they are stalking anyone or if they are getting stalked or bullied by others. Any issue of harassment or bullying can get reported to the parents right away, thanks to the OgyMogy app.

No Exclusive Clubs on Social Media:

Kids these days don’t like to add parents or any elders to their social media accounts. The app helps the parents to know about all the social media activities of the Kids account. All the popular social media accounts like Facebook, Line, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and many more can be monitored with the app. Know if your kid is using foul language in the comment section or if someone is targeting your kid with malicious comments on public posts. You can stop the kids from sharing personal information on public platforms if you know the details in the first place.

Keeping Control of the Apps :

Anyone who has access to the smart gadget can install any app. This is not good when it comes to minors or teenagers. They are more or less careless about right or wrong. With the use of the OgyMogy app, it is easy to eliminate harmful or threatening apps from kids’ lives. All you need to do is get parental control, and you can easily get rid of any unwanted dating apps, violent games, etc. The app keeps the user posted about all the installed apps and other relevant details.

Getting Real-Time Alerts:

The app offers access to the target screen in real-time. Yes, that’s right, it is very much possible to know what the kids are up to on the game in real time. The screen recording user allows the parents to jump right onto the screen at any given time. This makes it possible to stop the kid from making any unwise decision right away.

The app is available for tablets, computers, and cell phones. Both Android and iPhone users can enjoy the services as they are available for all types of operating systems.

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