Door Entry System Installation

Types and the Benefits of the Door Entry System 

In today’s world, security has become the top concern for everybody. We all have witnessed How London and other metropolitans’ crime rates are increasing consistently. In such a situation, you will do anything to keep your property and its occupants safe, whether it is a residential property or a commercial one.

Traditional keys are not a viable security solution anymore, we need a more modern, sophisticated, and strong system to keep our buildings secure from any outside threat. This is where modern-day door entry systems come in.

Modern door entry systems are a combination of electronic systems that provide controlled access to the rooms or other areas of the building. They not only offer better security but offer better control of the building in a sophisticated and easy way.

Owing to the many benefits of door entry systems, they have become a highly popular choice for commercial as well as residential buildings. In this blog, we will explore multiple benefits and the available options of door entry systems.

Benefits of Door Entry System Installation

Increased Security:

Entry systems provide better security as compared to the traditional locks and keys system. They can restrict access to pre-authorized persons only. Which reduces the risk of burglary and breaking and entering.


With the elimination of the keys, they make it more convenient to access buildings. Moreover, if you have installed a door entry system at your house, you can communicate and open your door with one click on your system.


They offer a one-time solution to door security and provide access to all authorized persons. They eliminate time-consuming and unpleasant tasks of changing locks or getting duplicate keys when you lose them.


You can customize your door entry system according to your specific needs. You can even program them to provide access at only specific times to the specific areas of the building. This feature is mostly used in offices.

Increased Efficiency:

They also increase the functional efficiency of the building because you don’t need people to carry and store all the keys.

Access Logs:

This is added security feature in the latest door entry systems. Modern door entry systems can keep records of who accessed the door and when.

What are the Types of Door Entry Systems?

Audio-only Entry System:

Door Entry System Installation

It is an entry-level door system that uses an intercom system that is connected to a base station, such as a telephone in the house and a remote station which is at the door. When someone pressed the doorbell, it sends an alert to the base station. The owner can then communicate to the person at the door verbally and allow him to enter by pressing the release button to unlock the door.

Video Door Entry System:

The video Door Entry System Installation works very similarly to the audio-only system. In this system, along with an audio intercom system, there is also a camera mounted on the remote station and a display system at the base station. This system allows visual identification of the visitors before allowing them to enter the premises.

Keypad Door Entry System:

This is the most popular entry system that is widely used for security purposes and restricting access to limited persons. This system requires a digital pin code that needs to be entered manually to gain access.

Proximity Readers:

Proximity readers use wireless technologies like NFC and Bluetooth to provide access to the person. They are the latest and evolving shape of key cards or fobs. This system uses your smartphones or other devices to detect your presence and grant you contactless entry.

Biometric Entry Systems:

Biometric systems are cutting-edge door security systems. They use physical attributes like fingerprints, face recognition, and iris scanning of the persons to control access. They provide the highest level of security when comes to access control.

Stand-alone Wireless Entry System:

Stand-alone wireless entry systems are suitable for small commercial or residential use. In this system, a wireless remote station is installed at the door to communicate and grant access to the person who rings the bell.

Conclusively, door entry systems not only provide multiple benefits for residential as well as commercial properties. But also offer customized control of the building, making it more functional and time-saving.

However, it is important to make sure that you choose the best door entry system for your building that fulfills your requirements. you can engage a professional service who will help you in both the selection and the installation of your door entry system.

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