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What can you do to keep Electric Gates Brisbane in top condition?

If you recently installed automated electric gates, you will want to ensure that they remain in top condition. Not only is this perfectly understandable, but it is also a good idea. Your brand-new Electric Gates Brisbane will last longer and prevent damage if you take care of them properly. It can also simply keep them looking their best and save money on future, more expensive repairs.

  • Make sure to give them a visual check.

While it is not necessary to act obsessively and be out there constantly, it is worth it to visually inspect your gates on occasion. Whether you choose metal or electric wooden gates, frequent inspections will greatly assist in identifying potential hazards. The gate itself and its mechanism should be inspected, as this is where dirt and debris can accumulate. You will also be able to identify any actual damage that needs to be addressed promptly with a general visual inspection.

  • Give them a good cleaning

Keeping your gates clean on a regular basis is another easy maintenance task that anyone can do. Even if you don’t notice any dirt or dust on the gates while you inspect them, this is still worthwhile. Before it begins to eat away at the paintwork or wood, any harmful debris can be removed with warm water and a cloth. They will also appear stylish to visitors and passersby if they are kept clean. Keeping your gate clean on a regular basis will also save you money on having it fixed or replaced.

  • Think about lubrication

Even though you won’t need to lubricate the entire thing, it’s worth it to keep the important parts moving. Use the lubricant that your installer recommends once every six months on the necessary parts. This ought to be a lot to assist them with continuing to move and stay away from any jams or issues. By lubricating critical components, you can avoid costly damage caused by rubbing against one another. The hinges, chain, and pulley wheels of most automated gates are lubricated by default. Because heavy oil-based lubricants like WD40 are not recommended, it is essential to use the right kind.

  • Keep pests at bay

Common garden pests and the damage they can cause are often overlooked in this section. Over time, rodents and snails, for example, can actually cause significant damage to the mechanism of your gate. Circuit boards may fail as a result of slime left behind by snails, for instance. If your gate is installed in the wrong location, even spider webs can prevent it from working as intended. Keep an eye out for pests near your gates and, if necessary, contact pest control.

  • Simplify it with a service contract

Although the aforementioned are fairly straightforward actions, you may lack the time or confidence to carry them out. In this instance, signing a service contract is the best option because it ensures that your gate will be maintained to a high standard without your involvement. Contact Custom Swing Gate Automation right away to learn more about our electric gate maintenance contracts for wooden, aluminum, and electric gates. We can maintain yours for you with approximately 25 years of industry expertise.

  • Conclusion 

Of course, you might not know how to install electric gates if you are not a professional. Fortunately, there are a few easy things that anyone can do to keep their gates in good shape.

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