Here are two easy yoga poses for beginners
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Here are two easy yoga poses for beginners

Yoga For Beginner- 2 easy asanas for beginners, by which a person remains healthy and becomes long-lived. Yoga has vanished in today’s era but to stay healthy there is nothing more than yoga. Although many asanas are prevalent in yoga, according to Gherand Samhita, 84 asanas are said to be very essential for the body and mind. Out of these 84 asanas, I will tell you 2 such easy asanas which you will be able to do easily and you will definitely get the benefit of it.

So let us now know about those two yoga asanas which are very easy and important for beginners:

Types of Asanas:

There are two types of yoga asana. The asanas of the first category are called Dhyanasana and the asanas of the second category are called Swasthyasana. Sitting in which an attempt is made to stabilize the mind, they are called Dhyanasana, such as Padmasana, Siddhasana, Mukhasan, etc. Things to Do In Rishikesh asana which is done for the purpose of exercise are called Swasthyasana.

Sitting postures:

1. Gorakshasana

Gorakshasana proves to be a boon for beginners. By doing this semen is protected and this asana is very useful for men.


  • By joining the ankles of the feet, collect the legs and put them under the thighs (between the genitals and the anus).
  • Make a comb of both hands and hold the front part of both feet.
  • The thumbs of both hands should be on the toes of the feet.
  • Now fill the breath in, straighten the waist, and try that your knees touch the ground. If not touching, then apply the emphasis of the knees downwards.
  • Straighten the arm.
  • In this position, hold your breath for as long as you can easily.
  • Then exhale slowly.
  • Loosen the body and open the legs.


With this asana, there is a special exercise of the seminal glands. It helps a lot in protecting semen. It is beneficial in curing diseases like dream defects. Urinary defects are cured.

Asanas for exercise:

2. Ardha -Chandrasana Or Half-Moon Pose

As the name suggests, the shape of the body will be similar to that of a crescent moon. This asana is like a boon for those people who do not have proper digestion. And beginners must do this asana as it also stretches the body well.


  • Stand straight, heels joined, and keep a slight distance between the toes.
  • Take both hands up and join them to come in the position of Namaskar.
  • Now take your hands up and stretch out and then turn as far to the left as you can.
  • Take care not to lean forward.
  • Come back while exhaling and then do the same on the right side.


Due to the stretching of the muscles on both sides of the body with this posture, the body becomes flexible. The heart and lungs are strengthened and their functioning increases. There is a special effect on the liver, stomach, and large intestine, and digestion power increases. It is also beneficial in the pain of sciatica.


These asanas are very useful and easy to do. By doing these asanas, a person progresses toward perfection which is called Yoga in the true sense. Therefore, by doing these asanas, not only the mind and body will be good but spiritual progress will also increase.

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