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PMP Certification: Why It’s Important And How To Crack The Exam?

In the present scenario of mass tech layoff and the dominating trend of quiet quitting movement, it has become mandatory in the workplace to multitask or to adapt to changes in a rapid manner. At the same time, advanced technologies have started to usher in changes to the way the performance evaluation of the workers is done and the centralisation of the workplace environment. Does this new normal environment of the workplace scare you or are you suffering from anxiety to get replaced by the machines? Beat your worries with PMP certification which is undoubtedly one of the greatest steps to make yourself indispensable in the arena of business operations. PMP certification in Dubai offers ample opportunities to excel in the career and sound knowledge of project management that will come in handy every time.

Why Is PMP Certification Important?

Not everyone within an organisation is interested in administrative duties, some might also take place in the arena of project management that in reality encompasses a set of activities from procurement of the resources to finance operation, risk management and quality control. Keeping all these discussions aside, achievement of PMP application gives a competitive edge over potential rivals and it also adds a special value to your resume. Most significantly, after the successful certification on PMP, your potential may dictate you to escalate your position to a global leader from the project leader. No matter whether you have the highest degree or not, this certification bestows you the opportunity of being recognised globally as an acclaimed leader.

As we delve deep into the sound understanding of the reasons for pursuing a professional course in project management, here is a list of five principal reasons that may offer more clarity on PMP.

  • Global Job Opportunities – Stepping into the sphere of PMP certification, you can rest assured that you are going to receive tons of employment opportunities from different corners of the globe. If you are planning to land your dream job, a single certification can do it all for you.
  • Optimised Team Working Ability – Remember the adage, “Teamwork makes the dream work” and project managers know it better as proper team collaboration is the cornerstone of the success of critical business projects. In addition to that, a PMP-certified project manager has the capability of handling teams in the best possible manner and moulding the capabilities of the employees as per the company norms. 
  • Salary Boom – If it is considered from the material perspective, PMP-certified project managers are offered 17% of high salaries in comparison to non-certified ones. Besides the boost in salary, non-certified professionals have to strive a lot to get promoted to higher positions, while your certification will make it easy for you to ascend to the corporate ladder.
  • Opportunities Of Handling Challenging Projects – High-risk and challenging projects tend to appeal to project managers who are having the credentials of turning them into milestones of their careers. Once you accomplish the degree or a short-term diploma in the arena of PMP, the organisations will get the confidence to assign you the task of managing challenging projects for which you were waiting eagerly. Moreover, PMP certification is actually going to guarantee you validation of your knowledge which the organisations seek. 
  • Adding Value To The Resume – Throughout their career, people now are open to varied certifications to diversify their career portfolios. Why would you go for different certificates just to diversify your area of proficiency, when you can gather a wide knowledge only by pursuing PMP courses? The most intriguing aspect of this course is that by adding PMP certification to your resume, you can create a better impression among the talent acquisition specialists of the organisation.  

Is It Really Difficult To Receive PMP Certification?

There is a prevalent myth in the market of professional courses and certification that achieving a degree or diploma in PMP is extremely difficult to accomplish. Although the reality is altogether different, certification in project management is all about aligning your knowledge of projects with the capability of practically performing them. PMP certification in Dubai currently includes 35 hours of project training to turn theoretical knowledge into pragmatic insights.  

Exam Requirements Of PMP

PMP certification is quite flexible as like other exams, it never mandates a certain percentage that is to be scored to pass the exam; rather the percentage is determined based on the level of complexity the exam involves. On top of that, the most important criterion to pursue this course is to check whether you have a high school diploma and the associated degree from a recognised institution or not. Additionally, your experience in the field of project management will also be considered to decide your eligibility for pursuing this particular course. 

Tips To Get PMP Certification On The First Attempt

Project management-related certification is not at all a cup of tea for all, but Project management institutes situated in Dubai usually recommend the following steps to ascertain that you crack the exam on your first attempt.

  • Preparing a schedule for preparation
  • Getting yourself familiarised with the format
  • Relying on the professionals
  • Following proper textbooks and PMBOK for a thorough understanding of the subject matter
  • Taking help from the online resources from the official portals of the institutions or accessing the online library for a solid understanding

Final Thoughts

Projects are instrumental for the survival of the organisation in the domestic as well as the international market. This is why working professionals or students should resort towards it by keeping a single goal in mind. To know more about PMP certification or hr courses in Dubai, comment below and encourage us to come back with more such content. 

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