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What types of ads are available through Amazon Marketing Services?

Amazon Marketing Services

It includes the entire range of Amazon’s advertising products. It’s now more popularly known as Amazon Advertising Services, but most people still refer to it as Amazon Marketing Services. It has several Amazon ad tools that efficiently help sellers to run and manage their ads. It includes tools like Amazon Display Ads, Sponsored Products Ads, and Headline Search Ads.

Advantages of Amazon Marketing Services

You can hire an Amazon Marketing Agency to create, manage and optimize ad campaigns that appear in search results and product detail pages on the Amazon platform. You can also design your campaign based on multiple criteria: location, keywords, budget, customer interests, product category, and more.

Amazon Marketing Services also has detailed reporting features that enable you to monitor performance metrics like clicks and impressions. You can use these to easily measure the success of each campaign and make necessary changes accordingly. Such information will help track customer behaviour over time, understand high-performing keywords, and optimize advertisement campaigns to maximize return on investment.

What types of ads are available through Amazon Marketing Services?

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) offers various ads to help you engage with your target audience. After considering your objectives, budget, and desired campaigns, you can choose from different ad types.

Let’s learn more about the different types of ads.

  • Sponsored Display

These were earlier known as Product Display ads that included small, text-based advertisements on the Amazon platform. They are visible near the search results when clients enter particular keywords. You are free to use criteria like customer’s interests, search history, and the type of Amazon membership.

On Sponsored Display Ads, you can see images or videos that are useful to sellers desirous of driving sales or boost their brand awareness with their target audience. Sellers can locate such Ads in the Amazon Brand Registry, and also with Amazon marketing agencies. The cost of Sponsored Display Ads is governed through a pay-per-click model. Hence, it allows you to pay for each click you get on your ads, unlike paying for ad impressions. The cost per click (CPC) depends on the keyword’s competition level, the product category, and other factors.

  • Sponsored Brand Ads

It was previously known as Headline Search Ads. You can find such ads right near the search results when customers usually look for particular keywords. They are visible with a logo, a headline, and information  such as prices and ratings. These Ads are able to create product awareness, which people find useful while searching to buy something. People registered on the Amazon Brand Registry, and Amazon marketing agencies can watch such ads.

Sponsored Brand Ads are available for those with a low daily budget of $1. Like product ads, you only pay as per the number of clicks. According to a top Amazon marketing agency, such ads give a 5.5x Return on Investment. So, for every rupee you spend on the ad, you get Rs 5.5 back with the right advertising strategy.

  • Video Ads

Video ads are of two types. The first type is regular video ads shown for products; the other is Amazon OTT video ads. Such ads are short video clips shown in video streams on connective TVs on Amazon Freevee, Twitch, and TV channels. Such ads target customers based on their search history and interests. They use straightforward, practical messages that easily capture customers’ attention and help Amazon sellers increase their reach and brand visibility.

There is no restriction on using Amazon’s streaming ads, and it doesn’t matter whether they sell a product or not. Brands, sellers, and even an Amazon marketing agency can advertise with Amazon’s streaming ads. The payment for Amazon video ads is based on cost-per-mille. So, you pay for every 1,000 views your ads receive. If you have chosen a self-service package, you must purchase a minimum of $10k recommended campaign. You will need a $50k campaign minimum for a managed service package.

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