What Industries Require Powder Coating?

Powder Coating is one of the oldest finishes used by most industries in the market. As time goes by, more manufacturers are adopting this finish method because of how efficient it is. Here are some of the industries that have adopted powder coating as a finishing method.

Home appliance manufacturers 

Most home appliances are made with a metallic frame that needs to be coated to prevent rust. The most common coating used is powder coating. It can be found on fridges, stoves, and washers. Sometimes it is used to replace the enamel coating, a common finish for most fridges and stoves back in the day.


Some of the big brands of automotive in the market use powder coating because of how efficient it is. The powder helps protect all the metallic parts while enabling manufacturers to get the right color onto the car. It is also used in the wheels, door, and bumper cover. While only big automotive companies used powder coating in the past, many other companies are embracing it as a finish. 

Farming equipment manufacturers 

Most farm equipment comes in contact with moisture, which can lead to severe rusting. The best way to deal with this would be use powder coating. The finish offers a great option for getting the equipment well-coated and ensures the coating lasts. It offers the longest-lasting results.

Construction industry

Materials used in construction face many elements and are subject to different treatments during the construction process. Having quality material from the start t will ensure that the final building is of sound integrity. Powder coating by machines like these can be done fast and easily, which means the material can make it to the site in time. The coating doesn’t chip either, so one can use poles, fencing, and guardrails without an issue.

Electrical and HVAC

Another industry that uses a lot of metallic casing is electrical and HVAC. Most HVAC parts would be coated with enamel, but this is slowly changing as companies use powder coatings. It offers a faster yet stable option for coating appliances and transformers. 

The finishing process is cut down with powder coating, and the results are good enough to be used on the equipment. 

Consumer products

One of the areas where people hardly notice this coming used is in items they use daily. Powder coating is found in skateboards, ski poles, and golf clubs. The coating is light and allows manufacturers to design it as they like. With this, it is clear that powder coating is useful in most people’s lives without one even realizing it.

Powder Coating has been used as a finish for a while now. As time goes by, more industries are finding a use for the finish. The industries listed above have found a good use for powder coating and making products using it. It is predicted that powder coating will keep increasing as time goes by. 

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