Wallpaper shop Melbourne

Melbourne & Sydney’s Premiere Wallpaper Suppliers & Installers. Déco Wallpaper provide high-quality wallpaper installation for residential and commercial projects of any size projects. Get designer wallcovering, custom wall mural, fabric wallpaper, grasscloth, kids wallpaper or commercial Vinyl wallpaper!

Wallpaper shop Melbourne

Déco Wallpaper is your ultimate destination for transforming your residential or commercial space with high-quality wallpapers in Melbourne and Sydney. As the leading wallpaper supplier and installer, Déco Wallpaper offers a wide range of options to suit any project size. Whether you’re looking for designer wallcoverings, custom wall murals, fabric wallpapers, grasscloth, kids wallpapers, or commercial vinyl wallpapers, Déco Wallpaper has got you covered!

Déco Wallpaper also understands the importance of catering to all members of the family. That’s why we have a dedicated collection of kids wallpapers, featuring playful and imaginative designs that will inspire and captivate young minds. From whimsical patterns to beloved characters, our kids wallpapers create a magical environment for children to enjoy.

At, we believe in offering limitless possibilities for creative expression. Our extensive selection of wallpapers includes a wide array of options to suit various aesthetics and purposes. Are you seeking to create a serene and relaxing ambiance? Explore our range of fabric wallpapers, which add texture and warmth to your walls. For a nature-inspired look, consider our grasscloth collection, which brings a touch of the outdoors inside. If you’re looking to personalize your space, our custom wall murals offer a unique way to showcase your individual style and vision.

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