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Unleashed Security – The Role of Protection Dogs

Dogs are natural deterrents against anyone trying to inflict harm or theft on you and your family. Many breeds – especially larger ones such as German Shepherds and Akitas – make great protection dogs.

Often, these dogs have dominant personalities and need to be clearly established as alpha dogs with their handlers. They also require ample exercise as they are very physical animals.

1. Deterrent

Personal protection dogs are an effective deterrent against crime and trespassing. A well-trained and highly obedient guard dog acts as an impenetrable fortress to protect your home, car, or office and keeps you in complete control of the situation.

Even a small personal protection dog can act as a formidable deterrent against criminals and opportunistic thieves. Just the presence of a trained security dog can frighten off would-be intruders, giving you time to call for help.

Patrol dogs can also provide a visible deterrent at industrial sites and commercial offices, with their acute senses they can detect intruders in a large area. We regularly deploy patrol dog and handler teams at office buildings, recycling centers, factories, and industrial yards to provide a deterrent and manned guard service around the clock. Unleashed may share your personal information with trusted partners to help us perform statistical analysis, send you email or postal mail, provide customer support, or arrange for deliveries. Your unique personally identifiable information (e-mail, name, phone number) is not transferred to these third parties.

2. Alert

The mere presence of a protective dog and handler is often enough of a deterrent to stop criminal activity. However, if an intruder makes it past the initial deterrent, the dog is ready to respond.

Personal protection dogs are also able to alert their owners to someone approaching their vehicle or even to the threat itself, giving you the time and opportunity to drive away or lock your car. If you give your dog the “bite” command, it will instantly focus on the would-be attacker and immobilize them until help arrives.

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3. Search & Detection

In the world of security, detection dogs are a crucial part of many operational environments. They help screen people and cargo in mass transit and large crowd events, sniffing for bombs, weapons and illegal drugs.

Often, these dogs are the first to notice someone who shouldn’t be at a door. Thanks to their acute sense of smell and hearing, they can alert handlers before the intruder is even visible.

While drug detection dogs get a lot of media attention, they aren’t without their faults. According to a study published in Animal Cognition, detection dog handlers may skew their search results by feeding them false information about a vehicle or person.

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4. Protection

Personal protection dogs are specially trained to respond to threats – including burglary, carjacking and assault – with complete obedience. They are bred to be loyal and have a deep love for their humans which, along with specialized training, allows them to perform the roles of watch dog, sentry guard, and attack dog (required for attack on command).

While any breed of dog can provide watchdog-like protective services, such as barking at strangers, only certain large breeds, like Rottweilers or Doberman Pinschers, make effective personal protection dogs. And only the most experienced and skilled trainers can reliably train a dog to protect its owner.

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