2ft LED Linear High Bay

Things You Need to Know Before Buying 2ft LED Linear High Bay For Commercial and Industrial Spaces

Linear LED high bay lights are a popular lighting fixture for commercial and industrial spaces with wide floor areas. These linear fixtures derive their name from the straight linear beam pattern of light projected from a long rectangular-shaped fixture.

Available in a variety of light distribution options including narrow and medium beam designs, these fixtures are perfect for aisleways and higher ceilings that are open. Narrow and medium distribution fixtures are ideally placed parallel to aisles for increased efficiency while a wide light distribution design is better for open layouts that need evenly diffused illumination.

Product Description

LLWINC’s 2ft led linear high bay has all the right components to make it a winner in the commercial and industrial lighting space. Its light weight, durable construction and included mounting hardware make it a solid choice for new or retrofit applications alike. The LEDs inside have a rated lifetime of up to 20 years.

A good LED high bay is a must have for any commercial or industrial building looking to save money on their energy bill. The best way to do this is by replacing the dated fluorescent or halogen light bulbs with LEDs. This will not only save you money but also reduce your carbon footprint and smog levels. The best part is that these LED lights can be installed without breaking the bank thanks to LEDs that are inexpensive, easy to install and durable. In fact, these lights may be the most efficient lights on the market. They are a great option for any business or warehouse looking to lower their electric bill and increase productivity in the process.

Product Features

2ft led linear high bay is a lighting fixture that casts light in a long, linear pattern. It’s ideal for warehouses, factories and other large commercial spaces that require lots of bright light.

Linear high bays are a popular option for warehouse, shop and industrial facility owners looking to lower their annual lighting costs by replacing traditional HID fixtures with more energy-efficient LED alternatives. They also feature a number of other advantages over traditional fixtures including low maintenance and a longer life span.

Cost-effective: As compared to traditional lights, LED high bays are extremely inexpensive to buy and install. They also come with in-built features that conserve less energy, resulting in reduced electricity bills.

Brightness: These LED high bays are very bright and emit a warm, yellow glow. They use a color temperature of more than 5500K, which is ideal for warehouses and other industrial settings.

The lighting fixture is made of aviation aluminum, making it a durable and compact fixture that dissipates heat. Additionally, it uses a fin design to improve air circulation and reduce heat buildup.

Product Specifications

2ft led linear high bay is a troffer-style LED fixture that provides excellent lighting for industrial or commercial spaces. It’s an ideal alternative to traditional fluorescent T5 or metal halide high bay lights.

They have many advantages over their counterparts, including superior photometric performance and high energy efficiency. They also come in a variety of lumen outputs and wattage.

However, before you make a purchase, you should take into account the layout of your facility and how much lumens it requires to illuminate the space evenly. This will help you determine the right size and shape of LED high bay light for your building.

You should also consider the color temperature and the color rendering index (CRI) of the LED high bay light. These two factors will impact how effective it will be in illuminating the room, and how long it will last.

Product Warranty

Linear high bay lights are a type of light fixture that uses LEDs to illuminate large indoor spaces. They are often used to light areas with high ceilings such as warehouses, factories, and shops.

They are a great alternative to other types of lighting, including fluorescent and metal halide lights. They are more energy efficient, last longer, and cost less to operate.

This 2ft 155W led linear high bay light is an ideal replacement for T8 or T5 fluorescent lights and is UL-listed for damp locations, making it ideal for warehouses, garages, and shop lighting.

It can be surface mounted or suspended with chains, depending on the application and location. It also has a junction box that makes it easy to connect power, saving labor costs and maintenance.

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