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The Pharma Consultant Has a Big Role in Turnkey Projects

A Pharma consultant is an integral part of the pharmaceutical industry. They have multiple roles in the success of pharma companies, help them manufacture drugs, and offer expertise that includes technology for making drugs. Besides, they also ensure marketing and distribute them at a competitive price. There is also an ad functionality, which is helpful for easy access to testing and commissioning the products.

There has been rapid growth in the pharmaceutical industry in India, which has brought tremendous growth to pharmaceutical turnkey projects. Here, it’s the responsibility of a contractor to provide all the essential services to set up a pharmaceutical plant, design, construction, and commissioning.

Role of the Pharma Consultant in Pharma Turnkey Projects

Pharma turnkey projects offer a lot of benefits to pharmaceutical companies. However, it’s only possible with a professional Pharma consultant who monitors the entire project from beginning to end.

Single Point of Contact

The Pharma consultant ensures that the contractor serves as a single point of contact for the entire project. It makes the job of a pharmaceutical company easier because it only needs to communicate with one organization throughout the project. Therefore, the whole process becomes more efficient and reduces the chance of miscommunication.

Streamlined Process

One of the essential roles of a Pharma consultant is to streamline the process of setting up a pharmaceutical plant. It’s the contractor’s responsibility to take care of all the necessary services, such as planning, designing, and construction. The contractor also has to ensure that the process is smooth and efficient.


The Pharma consultant also ensures that the project is cost-effective for pharmaceutical companies because they can save a lot of money on hiring and managing multiple tasks by outsourcing the entire project to a contractor. The contractor’s expertise and experience benefit pharmaceutical companies.

Safety of Material

A Pharma consultant’s job is to ensure the safety of the material. Usually, the OEB level needs protective measures, which affects the design and installation. Several active ingredients are highly toxic. Hence, the process must be perfect for containment at a specific OEB level for the workers’ safety.

 Level of Automation

In Pharma turnkey projects, customers have a specific need for automation, but the usual risk factors majorly impact the conception and design of the turnkey installation.

The requirements of pharma turnkey projects differ entirely from those of other industries. Hence, it’s up to the Pharma consultant to select a process-driven engineering company with a team of highly experienced professionals. Such people handle the situation well because they have in-depth knowledge and experience in material science and bulk solid handling. It’s important to understand that the risk and complexity of the factors can vary infinitely.

Pharma consultant adds value

The success of Pharma turnkey projects depends on the skill and experience of the Pharma consultant. You will often see that some pharma turnkey projects do exceedingly well while others could be more successful. Why is it so? It happens because all Pharma consultants are at different levels. Some are perfect, while others are just average. Hence, choosing the best Pharma consultant for a turnkey project is essential. It’s important because a considerable investment is at stake, and we all know how crucial a Pharma consultant is for a turnkey project. A professional consultant can deliver the best results even with limited resources, while an average consultant can disappoint despite getting the best resources and funds. A Pharma consultant is the backbone of a turnkey project. 

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