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The History of a Plumbing Company in Nashville, TN

Nashville | plumbing company, TN, is the home of country music and many other forms of culture. From unique museums, historic homes and iconic architecture to revered institutes of learning, the city is a cultural mecca that brings visitors from all over.

Nashville is also known for its diverse economy. Services such as health care and banking are among its most important industries. Other significant industries include tourism, printing and publishing (particularly religious publications), and manufacturing.

Louis Bargelt

The Bargelt name has been in business since 1765, but it wasn’t until 1811 that Louis (pronounced like Louis XV) took over the torch from his father. The company was the apex of plumbing innovation of the era, and by this time Louis had expanded his services to include oil burning installations – which was the first of its kind at the time. Today, the Bargelt name remains a recognizable brand in the Nashville area. The business resides at 20-24 Park Avenue, and is still operated by the Bargelt family.

The company’s website is not currently online, but you can get a feel for the operation through a tour of the office. The office is a tad on the small side, but it does boast the grand old lady herself – who is aptly named Hazel if you’re wondering. She is the one with the shaved head, and she looks a lot like the women of the past who worked here.

Edward Duggan

Edward Duggan founded a plumbing company in 1891. The company grew as the economy improved, and four generations of Duggan men worked together to build the business.

In 1942, Edward Duggan’s son William took over the business. He stayed with the business until he retired in 1983.

The company expanded in the 1970s, buying a wholesale-distribution business in 1975 and another one in 1977. The company’s focus on plumbing, heating and fire protection continues today under Vincent Petroni and Len Monfredo.

PCA was aware of the fact that Norman Company purchased corn through Duggan Corporation, but it did not make a judgment that Duggan Corporation should be paid for its supply of the corn. Moreover, it did not know that Streit was a party to the transaction.

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