Danger of DIY Tree Removal
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The Danger of DIY Tree Removal: Should You Do it

Trees have a great impact on enhancing the beauty of every landscape if they are being taken care of. If you neglect them and just leave them as they are, no trimming, no fertilizing, nothing… you can only expect to have weak and messy trees that are ruining the look of your landscape.

Sometimes it can reach the point of the tree dying because of lack of care and maintenance by the homeowners. At this point, the homeowners are only left with one option to recover the appearance of their landscaperemove the tree.

Most homeowners would choose to remove the tree and transplant a new one to bring the old scenery back to life. 

Leaving dead trees in your landscape not only makes it look a little unsightly, but they can also cause other problems like:

  • Attracting pests that could invade your house after that.
  • Injuring your people by a falling branch.
  • Damaging power lines if a branch falls on them.

Removing a tree is not as simple as it sounds, cut the tree and let it fall. We are dealing with a large heavy-weight piece of wood that can easily crush anything it falls on whether it is your roof, car, or even you.

Many measures should be taken into account to do tree removal, which most homeowners have no clue about which makes them many steps behind in the tree removal field.

Certified arborists go through long training to master many things like:

  1. controlling and using the chainsaw.
  2. Chainsaw techniques.
  3. Determine the center of gravity of the tree
  4. Climbing tree
  5. Getting cut branches to the ground
  6. Calculate the falling direction

to be able to handle almost all tree care scenarios and to get the job done safely and efficiently, and this is what most homeowners lack to be able to do DIY tree removal.

If this still doesn’t look serious enough for you, keep reading about exactly what you will be dealing with if you are still choosing to DIY tree removal.

Decaying Wood

Decaying wood is one of the things that makes tree removal a bit risky, especially while cutting the branches of the tree. You have to climb the tree and first cut its limb to reduce the mess that the tree will cause when it falls. 

If there are decaying branches, then you must pay extra attention to how sturdy they are when you are climbing the tree so that they don’t break causing you to fall.

Decaying wood also messes up the calculation regarding the gravity center of the tree. It is hard to land the tree safely on the ground without knowing where its center of gravity is.

You have to be seriously trained to get the tree to fall into the safe zone, and there is another thing that you must have which is Safety Gear.

Improper Safety Gear

Safety gear is not something that you can ignore when planning on doing DIY tree removal. You can’t predict the future to escape calamities, your only option is to do your best to stay safe by putting on safety gear to protect your body and using safe techniques to get the job done with no accidents.

Certified arborists never do tree removal unless they have their safety gear on, even with all the experience they have gained throughout the years, they will never be like ‘i can do this without my safety gear’ because they know that the consequences are unbearable.

Lack of Advance Equipment

DIY tree removal requires you to have advanced tools to be able to cut the tree, and this is something again most homeowners don’t have. How can you cut the strong trunk without a strong chainsaw, without it your cuts will be sloppy and the tree might fall outside the safe zone.

May Damage Property

Tree removal in general can be dangerous not only to the person who is doing the word but to the properties that surround the tree. By doing DIY tree removal as an inexperienced person who doesn’t have advanced tools to cut the tree or safety gear to protect himself, you are inviting troubles to your life whether it is physical, financial, or social.

Just get some professionals who have it all together to do the hard work for you, isn’t this why you have money? to push problems away.

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