How to Incorporate Your Business With Incfile

Incfile’s easy-to-use website makes incorporating your business as simple as possible. It also offers free tools like state guides, a sales tax calculator, and an annual report due date calculator.

They have several pricing plans to choose from, including a starting package for $0 + state filing fees. They also offer a Gold or Platinum package that includes a bank account and a business domain name, among other things.

Step 1: Get Started

Incfile is an online service that handles the paperwork required to incorporate limited liability companies (LLCs), C-corporations, S-corporations and nonprofits. They also offer a variety of add-on services, including bookkeeping services and registered agent services.

They’re a great option for business owners looking to start their company quickly and affordably, as their Silver plan costs $0 + state fees. The service also offers a number of packages with additional features, including a free registered agent service for a year.

However, Incfile does earn its revenue from add-ons and upgrades, so be vigilant when choosing a package. Buying extras can be expensive, especially when you’re not sure whether you need them or not.

Step 2: Select Your Package

Incfile has three primary packages – Silver, Gold, and Platinum – that offer different features. Each package costs a little differently depending on your state and business type.

The Silver package is the most basic, but it’s still a great deal for new businesses that need an LLC. It comes with the basics, including a free first year of Incfile’s registered agent service and fast turnaround times for filing.

The Gold and Platinum packages are more expensive but come with additional features like a business tax consultation and lifetime company alerts, which remind you of any reporting due dates. Expedited filing is also available, which could help you avoid the usual three-week processing time in some states.

Step 3: Get Started

The Incfile website is easy to use and offers a wealth of information for entrepreneurs. You can find a business startup guide, free tools and resources, a business formation checklist, and other helpful business tips.

You can also sign up for a free account, which gives you access to their Learning Center and other entrepreneur resources. These include a DIY email course, business entity quiz, state guides, and infographics.

In addition to registering LLCs, Incfile is also a great option for forming corporations and nonprofits. They offer a variety of services that help you with the process, such as filing an EIN application and custom operating agreements. In addition, they offer bookkeeping services at a low monthly fee. These include a professional bookkeeper to work with you, tax consultations, and access to monthly reports.

Step 4: Get Started

Incfile is a great option for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to incorporate their company quickly and for a low cost. They offer a variety of features that can help you manage your finances from the start, including business contracts templates and a domain name and business email service.

Customers also like the fact that they can handle all of their annual filing requirements with Incfile instead of having to do it themselves, which makes it easier to focus on growing your business. They even offer expedited service, which can cut your turn-around time from weeks to days.

However, they often try to up-sell you throughout the formation process, so it’s important to have prior knowledge of certain concepts before signing up. Some of their add-ons are quite pricey, so be sure to choose them wisely.

Step 5: Get Started

Incfile is one of the oldest and cheapest business formation services in the US. It offers a simple and affordable registration process with how-to guides, interactive pop-ups, and live chat options to make the entire experience easy. Their starting package is extremely affordable at $0 + state fee. However, they do offer add-ons that you may or may not need, so it is important to be aware of these and choose wisely.

In addition to LLCs and corporations, Incfile is also a great choice for incorporating nonprofits such as public charities, foundations, social advocacy organizations, and professional and trade organizations. They also offer business bookkeeping and accounting services at a low monthly cost. They can take care of all of your tax and financial set-ups, including the formation of an EIN (employer identification number), a custom operating agreement, and more.

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