Fitted Wardrobes Leicester

Choosing the Right-Fitted Wardrobe Style for Your Home

Whether moving to a new property or renovating your existing home, having extra space is always crucial. A fitted wardrobe is perfect for whichever space you have, instead of freestanding wardrobes.

They are available in a range of sizes and colors and are tailor-made to match the interior and décor of your home. If you have not yet tried this, we recommend doing it because it has many benefits.


Fitted Wardrobes Leicester is ideal for maximizing your wardrobe space. You can tailor-make it according to your room size or make it into a walk-in wardrobe.

Meaning it is not beneficial for your room space but also for the interior of the wardrobe. Therefore, with a bespoke wardrobe, there will be no issue, and you can put your accessories as you see fit.

Tailored Based on Your Needs

As mentioned earlier, you can make the wardrobe of your needs. With built-in wardrobes, you have flexibility over the internal organization and the exterior design. Do you have a collection of clothes that is more formal than casual? Your wardrobe can accommodate additional hangers. Do you wear a lot of jewelry and other accessories? There is room for more drawers.

If you share a home with a partner, you know how sharing your clothes may quickly become a significant hassle. Once more, you can customize the components of a personalized wardrobe to suit your particular requirements. Are you being dramatically different heights from your spouse? The size of each drawer, hanger portion, and interior shelf are also adjustable.

The Right Way to Complement Your Interior

This is important, especially if you’re remodeling or creating a new home. Adapting a prefabricated standing wardrobe to your home’s decor can be difficult. You must first think about the material that would match the job best.

There are a variety of sizes and patterns to pick from next. Not least, you’ll need the perfect finishing touch that complements the rest of your décor.

You can manage all three elements with a fitted wardrobe to achieve perfection.

Custom Lighting

The fact that you can add unique, integrated lighting to your fitted wardrobe is an advantage that is frequently disregarded. Most standing wardrobes only provide a few lighting options, and some even provide none.

You may obtain all the lighting options your demands — and your budget — call for with a custom wardrobe. Do you want a showcase area in your closet to show off some of your vintage collections? To illuminate them, you may install an LED strip.

Custom lighting serves practical and energy-saving purposes in addition to aesthetic ones. For instance, on a gloomy morning, you will only need to light up the entire room if your interior shelves have adequate lighting.

Fitted Wardrobes Leicester

Low Maintenance

Cleaning is simpler when you have a fitted wardrobe. You won’t need to dust the top of the built-in closet because it is made to fit your ceiling. Remember that there are generally cobwebs between the wall and the standing wardrobe? Also, it won’t be a problem there.

We need to clean the important items since, with a tailored wardrobe, we eliminate numerous useless places.

A Cost-effective option

It can be difficult to find a freestanding wardrobe that you like, suit your wants and preferences, and won’t break the bank. Thankfully, obtaining fitted wardrobes or Under Stairs Wardrobes is a simple solution to this problem.

You can choose the ideal design, material, customizations, and price ratio with a built-in wardrobe. Making the right concessions will allow you to improve what you require.

A bespoke wardrobe will typically be more valuable than a standalone wardrobe at the same price, even if you have a tight budget.

Enough Flooring Space

If your home doesn’t have much square footage, you might think it’s counterproductive to add room-consuming giant fitted closets. Yet, since built-in furniture is created to match your area properly, you’ll make the most of the available room.

Also, fitted wardrobes allow you to select any opening and closing mechanisms you like, allowing you to select something to maximize your floor space. For instance, choose sliding doors if you install a fitted wardrobe in a smaller space.

You won’t need to leave space clear in front of your wardrobe doors because they will glide easily into themselves rather than out into the room.

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