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Best Buy DuroMax Generators

DuroMax generators are known to be some of the best generators on the market. They are also affordable and come with many innovative safety features.

DuroMax generators have a wide range of products, from affordable models to powerful inverter generators. These machines are great for powering home backup, job sites, and more.


The DuroMax XP12000EH is an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a powerful, affordable backup generator. It delivers 12,000 starting watts and 9,500 running watts, which is more than enough to power your home’s essential appliances in the event of a power outage.

It also uses dual-fuel technology, which means you can choose to run on either gasoline or propane. This is a great feature to have during long power outages or natural disasters when access to gas may be limited or hard to come by.

Another great feature of this unit is that it comes with a low oil shut-off, which will protect your investment by automatically turning off the generator if it detects that there’s too little oil to operate it.

Besides that, this generator offers other features that are useful for homeowners, including a push-button start and a carbon monoxide monitoring system. The XP12000EH is a great option for people who want a reliable, affordable generator that’s easy to use and maintain.


The DuroMax XP9000iH is an excellent choice for those looking to buy a portable generator. This model comes with a number of convenient features, such as a digital control center, fuel gauge, overload protection (circuit breaker), and low oil shut-off.

It also has a remote electric starter, and it runs on either gasoline or propane. It is designed for easy operation and is CARB and EPA-compliant, making it safe to use anywhere in the US.

This generator is ideal for home backup, job sites, and camping. It can provide power for appliances, lights, TVs, and other electronics in case of an outage.

This unit has a 6.9-gallon fuel capacity and can operate for up to 20 hours on gas, or for up to 9 hours on propane. It is equipped with a digital inverter that offers stable power for sensitive electronics. It has a control center that displays running hours and load levels at a glance.


The DuroMax XP13000E is an excellent generator that delivers power for a wide range of uses. It has 13,000 surge watts of power and 10,500 rated watts, making it powerful enough to run most appliances and high-amperage tools.

It’s EPA and CARB-compliant, meaning that it emits low levels of carbon monoxide and other gases. It also has a fuel shutoff sensor that automatically shuts down the engine when it detects a low fuel level.

This generator has a splash lubrication system that eliminates the need for an oil filter, which extends maintenance intervals. It also has an idle control switch that lowers the engine speed to save fuel and maximize runtime.

Its all-metal construction makes it sturdy and long-lasting. It has four-point fully isolated motor mounts, which provide added durability and protection. It also features a wheel and handle kit that makes transporting it a breeze.


The XP15000E features the latest in engine design from DuroMax. Powered by a 713cc V-Twin, this model delivers the power of a large standby generator in the footprint and transportation of a portable generator.

With a power of 15,000 watts, this DuroMax is perfect for keeping your home running smoothly and comfortably in case of an outage. Its powerful design also makes it ideal for job sites and camping.

This generator is also a good option for those who want to save money on fuel since it is dual fuel. The XP15000E will run on gasoline or propane and offers a fuel economy of 5.6 kilowatt-hours per gallon.

The XP15000E is very safe to use and will comply with emission standards, meaning it won’t emit dangerous carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas that can be fatal when inhaled. It is also available with a CO monitoring system to shut it down when CO levels get too high.

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